Da Moose Lunch Menu

Enjoy a delicious lunch at Da Moose Cafe.  We offer a large selection of: sandwiches, wraps, rolls, foccacias and za’atars with a variety of fillings.  Or, you can create a ‘custom-made’ lunch.  Choose from our  variety of breads (including gluten-free) and fill with the ingredients and condiments of your choice.  We also offer a mouth-watering array of hot meals.  See our menu below.

Gourmet Bread Sandwiches
Made to order from our sandwich bar with a selection of gourmet fillings. Available in rye, wholemeal, multi-grain and white bread. 
From $ 6.50

Gourmet Wraps
Wraps filled with a selection of fillings. For example: schnitzels, fresh chicken, salami, turkey, cold roast beef/pork, salmon – to name just a few.  
$ 9.00

Fresh or Toasted Focaccias
Focaccias filled with a selection of gourmet fillings.
$ 9.50

Gourmet Rolls
Available in wholemeal, multi-grain and white with a selection of gourmet fillings. 
from $ 7.50

Roast Beef /Pork / Lamb Sandwiches and Rolls
from $ 8.90

Roast Beef / Pork / Lamb Plated meals
with chips or side vegetable
$ 12.50

Pasta Meals
A variety of pasta meals including: ravioli, tortellini in carbonara or bolognese sauce, lasagne, canelloni, spaghetti and meatballs.
small $ 8.50    large $ 9.50

Stir Fry Meals
A selection of stir-fry meals including: satay chicken, beef with black bean sauce, mongolian lamb, moroccan chicken (all with steamed or fried rice) to name just a few.
small $ 8.50    large $ 9.50

Fresh Salads
A large selection of fresh salads including: Thai Beef Salad, Chicken Caesar, penne pasta, roast vegetable salad, cous-cous salad, quinoa salad, sweet potato salad, beetroot/ fetta cheese/ spinach salad.
small $ 8.50    large $ 9.50

Traditional Beef/ Schnitzel/ Steak/ Chicken Tenderloin/ Fish – all with gourmet fillings
$ 8.90

Special Wagyu Beef Burgers served every Friday
$ 12.50

Special dietary requirements including Gluten Free catered for during lunch.  Please enquire.